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Gather ye Children - Scenic Design (Paper Project)

GYC Model 0.JPG

Written by: Aaliyah Warrington

- Ithaca College Fall 2020**

Directed by: Marc Gomes

Scenic Design: Beth Truax

Costume Design: Bella Morris

Lighting Design: Cora McKenna

Sound Design: Ariana Cardoza

**This Production was Impacted by Covid

Six teenagers find themselves in the aftermath of a tragedy that took place during their high school pep rally. Unsure of how they got there, except for the fact that a school shooting has happened, they resolve to find out who did it.

Gather ye Children is an original new play written by Aaliyah Warrington during her time at Ithaca College. The show is a reactionary piece based on the unfortunate trend of gun violence in American schools. It discusses the possible motives that drive such actions to take place, as well as the various ways that society reacts in the aftermath. It also makes the point to remember that the victims have names too, and they should not be forgotten in favor of the perpetrators.

While researching for the set, I wanted to incorporate the the idea of having the all possible factors to the motive being present from the beginning. As the characters argue over who the murderer is, they each reveal pieces of themselves including various forms of pressure that impact their everyday student lives. The need to succeed, fit in, or even just blend in to the crowd. I also wanted to have it be their for the audience, who acts almost like a seventh character at times, be able to see it from the start. This manifested in visual clues around the set that hint towards why it might have happened. Posters, banners, scattered paper and various reminders to the students of why they are in school. Everybody seems to know the ending, but nobody knows how they got there.

When we were first presented with the format of the show during Covid, it was meant to be a Zoom-Hybrid performance. Some research is formatted for developing a digital background for green screens.

For the paper project, a full scenic package was also created including paperwork, drafting, digital paint elevations, and a full props package.

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