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About Me

Hi :)


My name is Beth Truax. I’m an aspiring scenic and sound designer from outside of Boston. I am recent graduate of Ithaca College's Theatre Arts Program (Class of 2022), where I majored in Theatre Production and Design. 


As a designer, my goal is to build worlds that will expose the viewer to different perspectives and experiences. Everybody has their own perception of reality, some aspects are shared, others will differ. I value the different views and ideas brought by my collaborators. My favorite shows are the ones that start new conversations about how we look at life. 


In order to develop the world, I like to research the particular view to base the design concept around, usually a character’s. How do they see the world and how does it affect how they interact with it? What clues can be ingrained that could help an audience understand? I love to add different layers of detail into my work.

Outside of theatre, I'm interested in music, learning new instruments, digital rendering, and aesthetically pleasing desserts :)

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